Maurice William ‘Bill’ Partridge

Maurice William Partridge (1913-1973)

Bill Partridge was born in Lincoln in 1913. He studied Pharmacy at University College, Nottingham, graduated in 1936 and then transferred to the School of Chemistry, eventually becoming Lord Trent Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

He was also a discerning collector of English watercolours, regularly making forays to London to buy on behalf of the University of Nottingham, but also acquiring drawings for himself, very much in the tradition of the artist-collector.

Bill Partridge painted seriously from the 1950s until his death and following the early influence of the English neo-romantic painters during the 1950s and early 1960s, his style eventually gave way to a synthesis of abstraction with landscape, his subjects being drawn from his extensive travels throughout the U.K. and Europe. A Fellow in Fine Art at Nottingham University from 1956 to 1959, Partridge exhibited with the Midland Group in Nottingham and his work was included in the 1966 Whitechapel Art Gallery’s ‘Pictures for Schools’.

A memorial Exhibition of his work was held at Nottingham University Art Gallery in 1973.

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