Michael Hales

British artist Michael Hales was born in Taplow in 1971. He studied for a foundation course in Art and Design at Berkshire School of Art in Maidenhead in 1990 before moving to the West Midlands and studying Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art, graduating in 1993.

He moved to Ireland in 2002 and has been developing his technique through working in encaustics, combining the fluidity of beeswax and damar resin with the vibrancy of oil paint. His abstract landscapes are painted through a bold use of colour applied in layers using heat and carving on a heavily worked birch ply surface.

This group of paintings belong to Hales’ recent ‘Vernacular’ series and focus on the familiar and the everyday. The artist comments ‘Being restricted to spending the majority of time at home allowed an insight into the mundane and commonplace which had been taken for granted. When we focus our attention on the customary and the normal, and review with a deeper sensibility, there will always be surprises. Using a combination of satellite imagery, still lifes and snapshots these paintings describe a place. There is no one particular viewpoint but a sense of pieces and objects considered and explored’.

Further examples of the artist’s work can be found by visiting www.michaelhalesartist.com.

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